Pololo Nina Sandal

These sandals are just as perfect on the summer beach as at a formal event. The eco-certified, hypo-allergenic leather will keep little feet happy and healthy.

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    • handmade with love in Spain
    • chromium free, vegetable tanned ECARF and IVN certified leather
    • leather tanned in Germany
    • a sturdy but flexible, stitched sole
  • Whenever necessary, wipe the shoes down with a soft cloth and leather conditioner. If they get overly wet, stuff with newspaper and allow to dry in a warm, dry spot. Once dry, condition with a quality leather conditioner.

  • Size Guide - Pololo Nina sandal
    Australian EU approx.  length (cm) of foot bed


    27 17.5
    10 28 18.2
    11 29 18.6
    11.5 30 19.4
    12 31 20.3
    1 33 21.4


    Shoe sizes vary from style to style. Please use this table as a general guide to find the right size for your child:

    1. Measure the length of your child's sole from the heel to the longest toe.

    2. Add 1.5 - 1.8 cm to the length of the sole.

    3. Look up the equivalent shoe size in the table above.

    If you have any doubts about sizing, please contact us at hello@wkgclass.com.

    For example, Mila's foot, measured from the heel to the longest toe is 16 cm long. The correct shoe size would be 'size 9' (16 + 1.5cm = 17.5cm).


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Type: Shoes - children

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