Pololo Primero 1st Walkers

A worthy contender for your toddler’s first steps, these shoes are perfect for your little one’s eager adventures. The subtle attention to detail in the design of this shoe will protect your little one’s feet and allow the foot to move the way it was intended to. The chromium free, eco-certified leather will help you banish any fears about toxicity and poor fit. 

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    • handmade with love in Spain
    • chromium free, vegetable tanned ECARF and IVN certified leather
    • leather tanned in Germany
    • rounded front, to prevent stumbling and tripping
    • extra protection around the toes
    • a sturdy but flexible, stitched sole
    • removable leather and felt innersole
    • easy velcro closure
  • Whenever necessary, wipe the shoes down with a soft cloth and leather conditioner. If they get overly wet, stuff with newspaper and allow to dry in a warm, dry spot. Once dry, condition with a quality leather conditioner.

  • Size Guide - Pololo Primero
    Australian EU Innersole length (cm)


    20 12.4
    4.5 21 13
    5 22 13.7
    6 23 14.3
    7 24 14.8


    Shoe sizes vary from style to style. Please use this table as a general guide to find the right size for your child:

    1. Measure the length of your child's sole from the heel to the longest toe.

    2. Add 1.5 - 1.8 cm to the length of the sole. 

    3. Look up the equivalent shoe size in the table above.

    If you have any doubts about sizing, please contact us at hello@wkgclass.com.

    For example, Mila's foot, measured from the heel to the longest toe is 13cm long. The correct shoe size would be 'size 7' (13 + 1.5cm = 14.5cm).


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